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Pandorria is mega-planet at the center of the universe, and the universe's namesake. The realms revolve around Pandorria in cycles (Earth equivalent to an Eon), it grows as the universe grows. Pandorria is also home of the Great Five(1). Pandorria is divided into 7 parts: Neutral Grounds, The Land of Min (Mind), The Land of Sol (Magic/Soul), The Land of Fys (Body/Physical Strength), The Lands of Minsol, The Lands of Fysol, and The Lands of Minfys. The mega-planet consists of populations of an assortment of races from throughout the universe. Every fourth cycle a council meeting is held at the capitol in Neutral Grounds, participants consisting of higher gods and the Great Five. Meetings classically discuss universal decisions, and planetary funding.
Luminus (positive reality)-
The Light realm consists of beings and things made of matter surrounded by space made of antimatter. Luminus is also the known part of the universe and is home to a variety of different lifeforms. Luminus is not necessarily good, just as the Shade is not necessarily evil; like all things in the Pandorrian universe, it is up to the individual to make that call. The capital of Luminus is Byrg (Berge).
The Shade (negative reality)-
The Shade is the inverse of Luminus. It is composed of antimatter and the space is made up of matter. Basically the same, however opposite in appearance and laws of physics. The Shade is not necessarily evil, just as Luminus is not necessarily good; like all things in the Pandorrian universe, it is up to the individual to make that call. The Shade's capital is Derçal (Der-s-all).
Duskoll is the smallest and least populated realm. It exists as a crossover realm between Luminus and the Shade. It was created when the universe was born and Luminus and the Shade collided, mixing together, birthing the Duskoll. It was only recently discovered because it's bordering Luminous and the Shade inhabitants cannot exist or make it into Duskoll (without making a transformation) because of their composition, so it was overlooked for many cycles. Although a majority of Luminus and the Shade persons cannot enter the realm, there are a select few who can (gods specifically). Duskoll inhabitants are capable of traversing into either of the two bordering realms. It is ruled by Axel (Ace) Hallows, and home to the Nightmares. It appears grey and hazy, almost foggy, with darker grey skies, white suns, black plants, and black earth. The capital of Duskoll, Twihl, is the largest and one of the very few cities in realm.
The Temporarrum-
The Temporarrum is located on the outskirts of the universe where time and space are almost irrelevant. The time stream is clearly visible in their portion of the universe, and from a young age the Tempore Moderatus are taught to harness its power. The Tempore Moderatus are the only race of beings created by Chronos. Gravity isn't as strong making the natives larger in size (generally a foot taller than humans). They have grey skin (varying in shades), black hair, and lucid green eyes. The lands are barren and rocky, and the atmospheres are thin; also they are incredibly cold as the suns are distant; heat mostly comes from the molten interiors. Due to the location of the heat source, most of the population lives underground. To aid in retaining warmth the Tempore Moderatus have thicker skin and layer of blubber below that. The population also dresses warmly; their wardrobe consisting of a black full body heat insulating suit, fur-lined shawls and other overwears. The Temporarrum capital, Magna, is located beneath the surface of the first colonized planet.